Delivering effective services, enterprising solutions and exemplary homes and communities.


Mission and Values

Our Mission

Swan's mission is:

To deliver effective services, enterprising solutions and exemplary homes and communities.

We will continue to provide excellent housing services that meet the challenging needs of the communities of East London and Essex, delivering neighbourhoods that are healthy, vibrant and sustainable.

Our Values

We have four strategic themes which we are working towards:

  1. Happy Customers
  2. The Local Partner
  3. Fit for the Future
  4. Motivated People 

Happy Customers

Achieving excellent customer satisfaction will be central to all we do. Customers want a quick and personal service. We have seen increasing levels of customer satisfaction over a number of years. Due to diversification, Swan now has a broad range of customers in our various businesses. We already test customer satisfaction in each area and we will develop our corporate approach further. 


  • Develop a comprehensive approach to achieve customer satisfaction across all businesses and services during 2014/15. Develop a Customer Service Strategy.
  • Continue to invest in customer service methodology. Further develop a 'branded' customer experience, ensuring all staff can meet and manage all customers' expectations.
  • Measure the difference between customers who would recommend us and the customers who complain, by tracking  the "net promoter" score. This will enable us to benchmark our products and services against peers.
  • Embed an ethos of continual improvement so there is ongoing effort to improve our products, services and processes. This will help us fully understand what customers want, and deliver services they value.

The Local Partner

We have developed successful partnerships across a wide geographical area including seventeen local authorities. Our ability to make a real difference to communities and ability to grow depends on internal relationships and those with external partners.

We have a track record of influencing through political engagement work. We will continue to improve communications, media interaction, public affairs and public relations.

We are well placed to create unique service offerings. The complementary nature of the specialist businesses within the group means we are the first choice local partner.


  • We will fully understand our internal service offers, how they work together and what they can deliver for our partners. We will promote these offers both within the business and to our external partners.
  • We will be clear about who our partners are, and develop and maintain a strong understanding of what is important to them. We can work together to deliver key priorities.
  • We will develop stronger links with local businesses to support improved economic and social opportunities in the communities where we work.
  • We will plan a clear path for growth, both geographically and by business area, which will safeguard the future delivery of our high quality services.

Fit for the Future

We have real opportunities to build on our unique skills and successful track record and the geographical area we operate. Developing the right skills and structure for Swan will help us capitalise on key opportunities as they arise. Ensuring we can continue to make a return on our assets will enable us to deliver more resources for us to invest in the communities we serve.


  • We will develop a triple bottom line (social / economic / environmental) approach to budgeting, business planning and performance reporting.
  • We will implement our Portfolio Management Strategy. We will fully understand the value of our assets and implement the resulting three-year portfolio management programme.
  • We will continue to produce robust annual budgets and 30 year business plans to allow us to understand the resources at our disposal, and the risks and opportunities we face.
  • We will continue to improve our systems, processes and procedures to ensure that they are fit for purpose. We will ensure they are effectively implemented through a robust annual audit process (internal audit, management audit and ISO audit).
  • We will implement our Value for Money Strategy to ensure that we obtain the best value from our available resources. This will ensure we can deliver better services, more homes and effective communities in terms of quantity, quality and the social value provided.

Motivated People

We believe if staff are engaged and motivated they will enjoy achieving even better results. Performance will improve, our reputation will grow and we will cement our position as partner of choice.

We will focus on maximising staff engagement, getting buy-in to corporate objectives and creating a consistent Swan culture. We will produce a People Strategy to help train and develop staff and to give them the tools to succeed.


  • We will develop a comprehensive People Strategy. This will help to develop our people and attract and retain the best talent.  We will also consider how to reward staff and how to best engage with our employees.
  • We will measure ourselves against a recognised accreditation for employee engagement and satisfaction, such as 'Times 100 Best Places to Work'.
  • We will create comprehensive training and development for all staff. We will focus on developing managers and leaders helping them to become more resilient, people and performance focused.
  • We will continue to link reward to performance, and also to the way people live our values and behaviours.

Our Values

Below are the 'behaviours' and values which Swan staff are expected to maintain.

We are customer focused

  • I am understanding and helpful and put myself in the customer's position.
  • I communicate well with customers and colleagues, ensuring that I pass on important information accurately and in a timely manner.
  • I rise above personal feelings to deliver good customer service / performance at all times.

We are honest, open and accountable

  • I treat people how I would expect to be treated
  • I am polite and friendly even when dealing with difficult situations.
  • I understand that I am part of a bigger organisation and my actions affect others.
  • I behave responsibly and work with my colleagues to get the job done.

We have a "can do" approach and accept responsibility

  • I am enthusiastic about my work and when dealing with customers and colleagues.
  • I take personal ownership of my role and issues that are presented to me.
  • I maintain a positive and friendly attitude at work.
  • I make the best use of my time in order to achieve the right outcomes in the most efficient way.

We have new ideas and always seek to improve

  • I use my initiative and imagination to resolve problems.
  • I always strive to find a solution.
  • I look for new ways to improve how I do things or how I provide services.
  • I act on and uphold Swan's policies and procedures with regard to equality and diversity.
  • I look favourably on constructive criticism without getting defensive.  I use the feedback I receive to improve the way I do things.
  • I have a broad knowledge of my business area and of Swan.

Our Impact

100% of what we make is invested into the communities we serve and into developing our staff and improving services. We do not pay dividends.

1,000 new homes built in the next three years,

10,000 hours invested in community engagement activities each year, in order to reduce worklessness, improve health and reduce crime.

100,000,000 pounds invested in collaboration with our partners to regenerate the communities we serve.

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