Delivering effective services, enterprising solutions and exemplary homes and communities.


What We Are Looking For

Our Mission

Swan's mission is:

To deliver effective services, enterprising solutions and exemplary homes and communities.

We will continue to provide excellent housing services that meet the challenging needs of the communities of East London and Essex, delivering neighbourhoods that are healthy, vibrant and sustainable.

Our Values

Below are the 'behaviours' and values which Swan staff are expected to maintain.

 We are customer focused

  • I am understanding and helpful and put myself in the customer's position.
  • I communicate well with customers and colleagues, ensuring that I pass on
    important information accurately and in a timely manner.
  • I rise above personal feelings to deliver good customer service / performance at all times.

We are honest, open and accountable

  • I treat people how I would expect to be treated
  • I am polite and friendly even when dealing with difficult situations.
  • I understand that I am part of a bigger organisation and my actions affect others. 
  • I behave responsibly and work with my colleagues to get the job done. 

We have a "can do" approach and accept responsibility

  • I am enthusiastic about my work and when dealing with customers and colleagues.
  • I take personal ownership of my role and issues that are presented to me.
  • I maintain a positive and friendly attitude at work.
  • I make the best use of my time in order to achieve the right outcomes in the most efficient way.

We have new ideas and always seek to improve

  • I use my initiative and imagination to resolve problems. 
  • I always strive to find a solution.
  • I look for new ways to improve how I do things or how I provide services.
  • I act on and uphold Swan's policies and procedures with regard to equality and diversity.
  • I look favourably on constructive criticism without getting defensive.  I use the feedback I receive to improve the way I do things.
  • I have a broad knowledge of my business area and of Swan.

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