Caretaking & Concierge

Reviewed 23 April 2021

We constantly monitor and observe Government Guidelines on working securely during the Covid-19 pandemic. We recognise that safely providing caretaking and cleaning services are important to reduce the risk of the spread of infection. We will continue to offer a service which prioritises cleaning of high touch areas. We will also continue to carry out fire and health and safety checks.

For our residents in homes that have communal stairwells and landings please be mindful, unless exempt, to wear face coverings when in these areas to improve your safety and to help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

We are also reminded by government advisers not to mix indoors with people who are not within our household in order to minimise the risk of catching or spreading Covid-19 however, the most recent advice suggests that two households or up to 6 people can mix outdoors only, while maintaining distancing. Your health and safety is of utmost importance at this time.

If we have staff who need to self-isolate in line with Covid-19 regulations we may need to change the day that their work is carried out but the team will continue to record their visit in the usual way, on noticeboards. In addition, we are now carrying out some of our pre-covid tasks safely, such as letter/leaflet delivery, deep clean of specific areas, etc.

We appreciate your ongoing support as it is important that when on site we keep our customers and our teams safe, therefore please ensure that social distancing is maintained in all communal areas.

We will continue to monitor the situation and should Government guidance change again, we will adapt our service provision accordingly.

If you need help, please first search our website and check out our most up to date advice. Contact us by email at or use Live Chat on our website. If you still don't find what you need, please do call the team on 0300 303 2500

Temporary Alterations to Concierge Services

Having carefully considered Government guidance on the current COVID-19 health issue, all concierge services will resume as normal where it remains safe for our staff to do so and under the current guidelines. This includes carrying out important checks on fire safety in all blocks.

The following services will now resume as normal:

  • Disinfecting all communal handles/push plates on doors, handrails, lifts and intercom buttons
  • Spot check whole block regularly
  • Clean lifts and ground floor areas
  • Clear spillages / bodily fluids and disinfecting affected area
  • Sweep and mop as required
  • Health and safety checks (lights, repairs, fire safety, monthly playground inspections)
  • Litter pick external areas
  • Tidy up bin areas
  • Remove bulk rubbish
  • Graffiti identification and removal
  • Letter/ leaflet delivery

We appreciate your understanding on this matter as we work to keep our residents and staff as safe as possible.

We will continue to monitor the situation and should Government guidance on this change, we will adapt our service provision accordingly.