We know that what we do today matters now as well as tomorrow. This is why, we use our corporate strength to ensure that our activities help to improve the quality of life for people today, while considering the needs of future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to empowering our residents and providing holistic solutions that help to create sustainable communities. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy sets out our aims to:

  • provide education, training and employment opportunities for local people
  • build community cohesion
  • promote health, wellbeing and physical activity
  • foster sustainable communities

Sustainable development

We deliver innovative homes designed for tomorrow's lifestyles and technologies. We use modern construction methods, which combine the best construction standards along with reducing the carbon footprint of our developments.

To support our approach to sustainable development, we make the following commitments: 

  • creating sustainable communities for our residents to thrive for generations to come
  • develop sustainable construction methods to future proof our homes by making them more efficient
  • practice sustainable stewardship by ensuring that we understand our impact and mitigate any negative impacts
  • tackle climate change and resource efficiency by reducing our resource consumption and making sure our homes are fit for the future
  • monitor, report and reduce our carbon emissions to minimise our impact

We are developing an ethos of environmental, social and economic sustainability throughout Swan as well as encouraging sustainable actions from our clients, supply chain members and community partners.

Environmental sustainability

Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2016 - 2021 sets out how Swan will enhance its position as one of the most sustainable and environmentally-conscious Housing Associations in the UK.

Our Environmental Policy 2020/22 also outlines our company stance on sustainability and looking after the environment.