What we offer 

Our Foyers provide a safe, caring place for young people aged 16-25 years of age who need supported housing to live, learn and make the transition to independent adulthood.

Our Foyers

Swan House

Swan House Foyer provides supported accommodation for single young people. The scheme consists of 17 one bedroom flats. One flat is adapted to meet disability needs.

Dove Cott House

Dove Cott House provides supported accommodation for pregnant young women and single parents with young children. The scheme consists of 23 one-bedroom flats. 

All the flats are fully furnished with access to shared onsite facilities including a communal lounge, laundry and IT suite. The schemes are staffed 24/7 with each resident benefiting from the support of a dedicated coach.

We offer a holistic range of support tailored to meet the needs of our residents as they move towards social and economic independence. This is delivered through personal support plans and our Swan Horizons programme which covers:

  • advocacy and advice on welfare benefits and housing benefit.
  • budgeting and maximising income
  • independent living and tenancy management skills
  • health and wellbeing
  • parenting skills
  • access to education, training and employment
  • life skills such as cooking skills, healthy eating, cleaning/flat maintenance
  • motivational and confidence building skills
  • moving on and resettlement

Our Foyer approach

A Foyer doesn’t just meet a housing need, it makes a difference in the lives of young people by offering them opportunities to reconnect with learning, increase their employability, improve their health and wellbeing and develop their leadership potential.

Foyers are based on an advantage thinking philosophy which is about using the advantages we possess as humans - our skills, talents, resources and abilities - to create a society where everyone can thrive.

More information on Advantage Thinking can be found here.

Residents at our Foyers are encouraged to explore their potential and we offer a range of courses to help our residents achieve this whilst they are with us.

Various courses are available in the following categories:

  •  Parenting skills
  •  Skills for life and employment
  •  Health and Well-being
  •  Technology
  •  Creativity 

Accredited services

Our Foyers are members of the Foyer Federation and have received accreditation through the FOR Youth quality assurance and accreditation process. 

Our services have been endorsed as follows:

  • Swan House Foyer - Strategically Secure and Operationally Secure
  • Dove Cott House - Strategically Secure and Operationally Secure