Harlow I

Property in Harlow

If you are interested in this property, please call 0300 303 2500 and ask for a member of the Supported Housing Team or email supportedhousing@swan.org.uk with your contact details.

Property details

Number of Bedrooms 3 + 1 for carers
Communal rooms / areas Bathroom, lounge, kitchen / diner, ground floor toilet
Accommodation floor 1
Outdoor areas Garden
Parking Roadside
Furnishing All communal furniture is supplied by Swan. It is the responsibility of the tenant to furnish their own bedroom.
White goods It is Swan’s responsibility to maintain and replace all communal white goods.

Local Information

Community amenities Bus to Harlow Town Centre
Shops Local shops nearby
Education facilities In Harlow
Transport On bus routes

Service User Requirements

Age group 18+
Disability type Learning Disability
Accessibility None
Suitability Male
Assistive technology None