Swan In The Community

We’re committed to providing excellent services. We do this by working in partnership with our residents on the maintenance and management of their homes.

From reviewing the overall condition of local neighbourhoods to commenting on our customer care and repairs service, we really want to listen to what you have to say.

We consult with our residents using a range of informal methods such as focus groups and fun days. As well as giving them the opportunity to be formally involved, for example by joining their Residents’ Association or sitting on our Scrutiny Panel.

Interested in getting involved? 

If you want to get involved, we can support you by:

  • Helping you with your childcare and travel costs
  • Providing expenses for any work you do as a resident representative
  • Providing you with training to help you develop your skills and expertise.
    All courses are free. We can also help with travel and childcare costs.
    View what courses we have on offer here.

Sign up to get involved via email involvement@swan.org.uk

Call 01277 844242 for more information.

We produce a residents’ magazine three times a year called ‘Home’ as well as a range of estate specific newsletters. View and read our publications here.