Posted 04/08/2021

Customer Services Survey

We want to find better ways of doing things so that we continue to improve lives and communities every day.

We’re really keen that your views, needs and aspirations are heard and acted upon, ensuring you’re at the heart of everything we do.

With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with an organisation called M·E·L Research, who aim to help us understand what is most important to you and how we are doing – where we are getting things right, but also where things could be improved in order for you to get the best possible, consistent and reliable customer service.

The team at MEL Research will be contacting a large amount of our customer base between now and mid-August. If you are contacted, we would really appreciate a few minutes of your time to tell us about your experience of Swan.

By taking part in this survey, you can help us to make sure our services meet your needs. You will also have the option to enter a prize draw and win one of three £50 prizes.

The survey is completely confidential, and M·E·L Research will not pass on your personal details to us without your permission. If you do not wish to participate or have any further questions, please go to the contact us section of the Swan website and get in touch with us via the numerous communication channels available.

We will be sharing the results of the survey and how we plan to improve our services as a result of the feedback received with all our customers later in the Autumn.

Help us to get things right!

If you want to chat to us further or would be interested in becoming one of our customer champions to help us to get things right, please contact the Customer Involvement Team on