Home Contents Insurance

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Contents insurance is designed to protect your belongings against unforeseen circumstances, such as leaks, power cuts, accidents or burglaries. If you have a home contents insurance policy in place you don’t need to worry about replacing essential items in your home if something unexpected happens.

Swan does not provide insurance cover for the contents of your home as part of your tenancy agreement, however there is a clause in the agreement which states arranging this cover is the tenants responsibility. You may feel you don’t need contents insurance, but we advise all of our customers to consider insurance policies and the cover they provide so that you can make an informed decision.

Items such as wooden flooring, carpets and large furniture items would be classed as your belongings and Swan would not be responsible for replacing these items in the event of water/sewage damage, a fire or flood.   

Swan partners with Thistle Tenant Risks and Ageas Insurance Limited who provide the My Home Contents Insurance Scheme, a specialist Tenants Contents Insurance policy although you are free to use any insurance provider.

The My Home Contents Insurance Scheme can offer you insurance for the contents of your home including cover for items such as furniture, carpets, curtains, clothes, bedding, electrical items, jewellery, pictures and ornaments.

Go to www.thistlemyhome.co.uk to find out more and to use the contents calculator to work out the value of your home contents.

For further information, ask your Neighbourhood Officer for an application pack.

You can also call Thistle Tenant Risks on 0345 450 7288 or visit the website for more information and to request a callback www.thistlemyhome.co.uk