Tenancy fraud

Swan is keen for all residents to receive a reasonable and fair service, however sometimes we realise that our homes are occupied by people who shouldn’t be living there. It is estimated that across the UK, tens of thousands of people are living in housing association and council homes that they shouldn’t be.

There are different types of housing fraud, here are some of the most common:

Subletting: This is where a tenant lets out their home without the knowledge or permission of their landlord. They will continue to pay the rent directly to their landlord but charge the person they are subletting to at a much higher rate. This is a criminal offence and the person doing this could receive a prison sentence and / or a large fine.

Not living in the property as their principle home: This is including when the tenant moves in with a partner but also keeps the property once they are no longer living there. They may leave it empty or let someone else live there.

Obtaining housing by deception: This is where a person has been awarded a Swan home by giving false information, for example telling the council they are homeless or lying about their situation in their application.

Wrongly claimed succession: This is where a tenant dies and someone who is not entitled to, tries to take over or succeed their tenancy.

Key selling: This is where a tenant has been paid to give someone else their keys.

We take tenancy fraud very seriously and will take action to regain possession of properties wherever we find evidence of tenancy fraud. We carry out regular investigations to check that the correct people are living in our properties.

If you suspect someone is committing tenancy fraud, please contact the Fraud and Tenancy Team on 0300 303 2500 or email incometeam@swan.org.uk 

Any information you give us will be treated confidentially.