Allocations & Lettings (Onboarding)

Hand holding house keys beside front door

When allocating our homes, our general needs accommodation is mainly allocated to those nominated to us by a local authority, or to our existing tenants and household members. Local authorities usually have 100% nomination rights to all of our new build properties and up to 75% of our homes being re-let.

If you are interested in living in a Swan home, you can register to bid for homes that become available to let on

Residents who live in a Swan home in London, can also register on Housing Moves. This is the Mayor of London’s housing mobility scheme that allows tenants of London boroughs or housing associations to move to a different area in London.

After registering, your needs will be assessed and you will be placed in one of six priority bands.

Band one: For those with an urgent need or downsizing from a three bed plus home into a one bedroom home.

Band two: For those with a high need, including those with a medical condition that is being made worse by their current home.

Band three: For those with a moderate level of need.

Band four: For those with a low level of need of who want to move to a property of the same size.

Band five: For those who have lived as a Swan tenant for at least three years and are aged over 21 years.

Band six: For those who do not currently live in a Swan home.

Anyone who is not a Swan tenant or already living in a Swan home, can also register on and may be able to bid on a Swan property that has not been reserved for Swan residents. These applicants will be placed in band six and will only be considered for one or two bedroom flats.

For more information on the options available, please contact our Onboarding Team on 0300 303 2500 or email

Click here to see our Allocations Policy.