Universal Credit rent change

Your rent and/or service charge is changing.

You must report this on your Universal Credit Journal to ensure that you receive the correct payments for your rent. Even if your rent is paid directly to Swan, you still need to report the new details.

Please report the change on Monday 30 October for weekly tenancies and on Wednesday 1 November for monthly tenancies. If you have already reported this before then, you will need to do so again.

How to report a change of circumstances

Please follow these steps to report a change of circumstances:

  1. Go to the ‘Home’ page
  2. Select ‘Report a chance of circumstances’
  3. Select ‘Where you live and what it costs’
  4. Provide all the information requested. Make sure you enter ‘0’ in all relevant boxes where there is no charge.
  5. Submit the information.

You will then need to check your ‘To-do list’ as you may have to complete other outstanding tasks before the change can take effect.