Renting a home from Swan

How can I rent a home from Swan?

If you can’t afford to rent a property privately you may be able to live in one of our social or affordable rented homes in Essex or East London. Most of our homes are allocated to applicants nominated to us by our local authority partners from their housing waiting lists.

Where do I start?

Contact your local authority and register using their housing application form. They will assess your needs, looking at things like whether you’re overcrowded, where you live now, and take any medical or social requirements you have into account.

How does it work?

Most local authorities now use a choice-based lettings scheme, which means that available properties are advertised through their website. You can search for and bid on, any property you want, giving you much more choice.

Check if you can apply

You can usually apply if you qualify based on the Council's local rules.

You can make a joint application if you are married, have a civil partner or a partner who lives with you. If one of you isn't eligible because of your immigration status, the eligible person can still apply.

Choose which council to apply to:

Some councils have an open housing register. You can apply as long as you meet their conditions. Most councils decide their own rules on who can apply.

You can apply to more than one council. You can be on several lists at the same time if you qualify. Waiting lists may be shorter in areas with less demand.

Some councils give more priority to people with  local connection to the area. Check the council's rules before you apply.

Any homes that are not let to a nomination from a council are advertised through the HomeHunt website. If you would like to be considered for one of these homes you can register at