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Key People

John D Synnuck - Chief Executive

John has considerable skills and experience in managing a social landlord's business, having worked in the public and housing association sectors for 40 years. He is a former Director of Housing for the London Borough of Southwark and Housing Services Director for West Kent Housing Association, the country's second ever large scale voluntary transfer.  John is responsible for and oversees the strategic direction of the business.

Jamie A Smith - Deputy Chief Executive

Jamie joined Swan in 2009 after having held a number of Finance Director positions and other senior commercial and finance roles.  He has extensive experience of construction as both a main contractor and subcontractor, including bidding for and operating a range of contracts.  Jamie has overall responsibility for finance in Swan and the subsidiary companies.

Sandra Fawcett - Executive Director - Operations

Sandra joined Swan as a Director in 2007. She has worked in the sector for over 20 years and was previously Housing Services Director at Mosaic Homes. Sandra has considerable experience of improving customer facing services and managing change and has overall responsibility for the delivery of housing and support services.

Malcolm O'Brien - Executive Director of People, Communications and IT

Malcolm joined Swan as Head of Human Resources (HR) in September 2011. He has worked in the sector for over 10 years and HR for over 20 years. Malcolm previously worked as a Corporate Services Director and HR consultant in the housing sector. He has considerable experience in leading organisational development and employee engagement and has overall responsibility for the delivery of HR, Communications and IT services across Swan.

Sue McBride - Director of Corporate Governance

Sue joined Swan as Director of Corporate Governance in March 2018. She has worked in the housing and banking sectors for over 20 years and has practiced as a Chartered Secretary for over 25 years. She previously worked as a consultant in the sector working with a range of Registered Providers, including a number of G15 members. Sue has considerable experience of corporate governance within the profit and not-for-profit sectors, working with diversified group structures. Sue is also the Group's Company Secretary and is responsible for ensuring governance compliance across the Group. 

Geoff Pearce - Executive Director of Regeneration and Development

Geoff Pearce is the Executive Director of Regeneration & Development for Swan Housing Association. Since joining Swan at the beginning of 2014, Geoff has overseen the rebranding of Swan's development subsidiary; NU living. Under his leadership, the NU living construction team has grown and will build around 700 new homes every year and have delivered some 1,200 housing starts with a further 6,500 plots in Swan's secured pipeline including major regeneration projects in Tower Hamlets, Purfleet and Basildon. 

Geoff is passionate about innovation and is currently focusing on the launch of Swan's new modular housing factory which has recently opened in Basildon, Essex.  Using the NU build system, the factory will ultimately be capable of producing 400-500 homes per year and uses Cross Laminated Timber as the main structural component in its precision engineered products.  The first homes to be built by the factory are at Beechwood Village in Basildon where NU living is building around 570 customisable houses.  Four other projects are at the planning stage for the factory ranging from three storey houses to nine storey apartment blocks.

Geoff previously worked at East Thames Group as the Group Director of Development & Asset Management and is a Chartered Surveyor. 



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