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Check your central heating now, before it gets cold!

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As the colder climate begins to settle in, it is time to think about preparing our homes for the arrival of colder weather. Every Swan home with a boiler and gas central heating has an annual service and gas safety check carried out by a qualified Gas Safe Engineer from Axis, Swan's Repairs Partner. The team have been working hard to do more gas safety checks over the warmer summer months so that there are more engineers available to deal with breakdowns during the colder months.

If you have not had your annual gas safety check please let us know. Contact Axis on 0800 783 2768

If you haven't already switched on your heating, Swan and Axis recommend that you test it first to make sure that it is working properly:

  1. Make sure all the radiator valves are turned on and are set to maximum.
  2. Turn up the thermostat to maximum.
  3. Turn on the central heating.
  4. After 15 minutes check every single radiator to see if it is warm - if they are all warm then everything is working properly! If one or two radiators remain cold then it is likely that some air has entered the heating system and your radiators need to be 'bled' to release the air. You can find a video that shows you how to do this on Swan's YouTube Channel. Bleeding a radiator.





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