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Rent Adjustments

Every October Swan reviews the majority of the rents and service charges thaNew Swan Logot residents pay. If there are any changes to the payments that you need to make, they will take effect from 29 October for residents who pay weekly and 1 November for residents who pay monthly.

 As you may know, the Government introduced legislation to reduce social housing rents by 1% and this year's rent review will take into account these requirements. However, residents need to be aware that there are a number of exceptions to this rule including market rents and affordable rents in the first year of letting where the rent has been set at 80% of market rent.

The 1% reduction does not apply to service charges or any charges made for heating or water. These are reviewed by looking at what we spent on these areas over the last year and estimating how much it will cost in the forthcoming year.

You will receive a letter that sets out any changes to your charges and the total amount you will need to pay each week or month. If you receive benefits you must make sure your local benefit office or provider is informed of these changes.

Your Income Officer can answer any questions or concerns you have about paying your rent and service charges.

You can contact them by email on or by phone on 0300 303 2500


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