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Three Swan Teams Shortlisted For The Housing Heroes Awards 2017!

We are thrilled to announce that for the first time Swan have been shortlisted for The Housing Heroes Awards! Naturally here at Swan we don't do anything by half and have actually been shortlisted in all three categories weHousing Heroes Awards entered.

These awards recognise the hard work employees carry out daily, celebrating the 'unsung heroes' of the housing world. The Awards and the teams we entered are:

Support and Care Team of the Year Award

Helping some of the most vulnerable people in society is a crucial part of the work of housing organisations. This award was open to teams which excel in that role. They judges are looking for teams which live and breathe their work and make a real difference to the lives of those they help.

Our Entry - The Foyers Team

Our Foyer Team deliver support 24/7 to over 60 young people, many of whom have children of their own, across three supported housing schemes.  They provide a safe place in which the young people can transition to independent adulthood.

Through individual coaching they help the young people and young parents to be the best that they can possibly be, celebrating their own unique gifts and talents.  Through understanding and empathy they convince the young people, many of whom have been told throughout the majority of their young lives that they are useless and have nothing to contribute to society, that their future is theirs for the making.

We don't believe you will find another team more dedicated and making more of an impact than our Foyer team. Put simply they save and change lives!

Maintenance Team of the Year

The Award:It may not be 'sexy', but the delivery of efficient, high-quality maintenance programmes is a core function for housing organisations. This award will recognise a team which has confounded difficult financial times to ensure these crucial functions have continued to thrive in your organisation. We're looking for teams which have gone above and beyond to help you deliver outstanding new homes or to keep your existing housing stock at the highest standard.

Our Entry - Estate Services

This 46 strong Estates Services team are part of the vital service our neighbourhoods' team deliver. Their exceptional work covers all aspects of caretaking across our housing stock; from cleaning and reporting repairs to safeguarding issues and cross estate CCTV operation. 

With concierges in two of our tower blocks, CCTV and the teams working six days a week in all weathers across Essex and East London, they watch out for residents and staff alike and truly put the 'care' into caretaking.

They are a team we are proud to have as part of Swan and a service that we simply couldn't function without.

Communications Team of the Year

In a challenging landscape it is more important than ever that housing organisations showcase the work that they do. This award will recognise a communications team which has done exceptional work to profile the work of its organisation both externally and internally. The team may have excelled in one area but will be able to demonstrate strength showcasing your work in the community and the sector as well as communicating with residents and staff. We're looking for a highly-motivated team which helps you get the right messages to the right people.

Our Entry - Swancomms

The Swan Communications Team is a small but perfect collection of enthusiastic and passionate communications professionals!

Bringing together expertise from key areas including external and internal relations, digital communications and graphic design, the team of four manages the full communications function for Swan Housing Association, including its in-house developer, supported housing and charitable arm.

With almost 400 staff members and residents in over 11,000 properties and a secured development pipeline of over 3,500 homes, the Team, whose motto is "brilliant communications every time!" provides a strategic programme of communications for employees, residents, stakeholders and the media  that delivers results!

The judges will make their final decision and the winners will be announced in June.  Each of our team members play a vital role in helping Swan deliver our message, deliver our values and are a true example of our slogan 'Together Delivering More' 


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