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Waste Not Want Not - Colchester Keyworker Living Team Donate to Harwich Foodbank

Members of the Swan team at our NHS Keyworker scheme in Colchester have been donating in-date and unopened food items left in properties after tenants vacate them at the end of their  (stay or tenancy, we do not issue leases) lease, to local foodbanks in Harwich and Colchester since August last year (2019).

Most recently they donated to Harwich Foodbank, notably receiving a letter of thanks from the foodbank for their help at a time when many people are struggling to feed themselves and their families, more than ever.

Louise Joseph (Keyworker Living Manager):

"At the end of tenancies, we often find lots of tinned food, pasta and other unopened items that are often left behind. Instead of wasting items which are still in date, we donate them to the local food bank where they can be distributed to help members of the local community that need them the most."

We are proud of the team for being sustainable and helping those in need.

Our NHS keyworker schemes in Colchester, Romford and Chelmsford developed in partnership with the NHS, provide affordable rented housing to NHS key workers and those working in the emergency services and public sector. There is a variety of accommodation available on a short to medium term basis."


Foodbank July 2020


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