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Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and hate crimes / incidents

We believe everyone has the right to enjoy living in their home provided they do not disturb those living nearby.  We are committed to tackling issues relating to anti-social behaviour, hate crimes / incidents, harassment and neighbour nuisance. We expect good neighbours to be tolerant of one another and understand how their lifestyle can affect those living nearby. 

Anti-social behaviour can include a wide range of unacceptable behaviours including; noise nuisance, such as loud music, dogs barking and shouting; to more serious acts, such as the use of threatening behaviour, or hate crimes / incidents. 

We take all incidents of ASB and hate crimes / incidents seriously and will work quickly to resolve any problems. We understand how ASB and hate crimes / incidents can affect people in different ways and residents can talk to their neighbourhood officer or supported housing team about any concerns they may have.

To report ASB during office hours please contact your Neighbourhood Team, or your Supported Housing Team. You can call 0300 303 2500 or email: (London Housing) or (Essex Housing) or (Supported Housing)

Click to view the Hate Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Policy

To report an incident outside office hours call the Police number 101.

People wishing to report ASB should now use the Police 101 number as they are the lead agency for ASB. The Police may refer certain items to the council or RSL for further action but in the first instance the problem should be looked into and dealt with by the Police.

Examples of things that can be reported to 101 are:

  • nuisance, rowdy or inconsiderate neighbours
  • vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting
  • the buying or selling of drugs in public
  • street drinking
  • prostitution related activity
  • environmental damage including littering, dumping of rubbish and abandonment of cars
  • begging and vagrancy
  • fireworks misuse
  • inconsiderate or inappropriate use of vehicles.

101 can also be used to report a crime that has already happened or to seek crime prevention advice.

Always call 999 when a crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, someone is injured, being threatened or in danger. 

What is a hate crime / incident?

A hate crime or hate incident is any incident that is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice against a person based on their actual or perceived disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity (e.g. because they are trans).

In addition, some local authorities, police forces and organisations also consider crimes or incidents that are perceived to be motivated by hostility or prejudice against a person based on other actual or perceived differences (e.g. age, gender or alternative subcultures such as goths, emos or punks - please see for more information) to be hate crimes / incidents.

Ideally, all hate crimes and incidents should be reported to the police (999 for emergencies / 101 for non-emergencies). You can also report incidents (anonymously if you wish) on the True Vision website: or report using the Self-Evident app.

If you are a victim of, or witness a hate crime / incident in a block or estate managed by Swan or you know it involves a Swan resident, please also report it to the Neighbourhood Team or Supported Housing Team.

If you have experienced a hate crime you can also report it and receive support from these organisations: 

For more information about hate crime in Essex, including information about Hate Incident Reporting Centres (HIRCs) please see 

For more information about hate crime in Tower Hamlets, including the Tower Hamlets No Place for Hate Campaign and how you can sign the Tower Hamlets No Place for Hate Pledge please see

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