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Rents and Service charges

Rent payments are due in advance unless other arrangements have been agreed with us.  The rent we collect pays for the services we provide.  This section provides details on how rent can be paid, how we can help those who are having problems paying and what happens if rent is not paid on time.

How rent payments can be made

There are a number of different ways for residents to pay their rent.  

Direct Debit This is the most convenient way to pay rent on a regular basis.  Payments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and on any working day.
PayPoint Using an allpay rent card, cash payments can be made at any shop or outlet displaying the PayPoint logo. 
Post Office Rent can also be paid by cash or cheque at any Post Office using an allpay rent card.
Online By clicking on the link
Phone Using a credit or debit card and calling 0300 303 2500
Text Message By mobile phone after registering with allpay at
Swan Office By cheque, credit or debit card at any Swan office using your rent card.
By post By sending a cheque, postal order or money order to a Swan Office with your name, address and tenant reference number written clearly on the back.

Please note that not all the above payment options are available to NHS key worker tenants. 

Click on the links below for more information about paying your rent and what to do if you are having problems paying:

This document shows lists of agencies across our areas of operation who may be able to help if you are having difficulties.

Swan's online welfare benefit calculator can be used to check for entitlement to state benefits.  Residents can input their household details and income and the calculator will provide details of which benefits could be claimed from the Department of Work and Pensions and HM Revenues & Customs. 

When rent is not paid on time

The first thing we do is make sure those falling into arrears are receiving all the state benefits they are entitled to and offer them advice on how to manage their money.  Those who continue to fall behind with payments or ignore our letters, phone calls and visits may be taken to court.

While we don't want to evict anyone from their home, residents who don't pay their rent and don't work with us to sort it out, will find us asking the court to evict them.

Any resident who is having problems paying their rent should contact the Rent Recovery Team without delay.

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