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Befriending services

Lets say no to loneliness

Did you know that around 1 million older people in the UK regularly go an entire month without speaking to anyone? (

This Channel 4 News clip below shows how it can feel to be old and alone and how the wonderful people who volunteer as befrienders make such a wonderful difference to people's lives.

If you or someone you know feel lonely or unhappy sometimes and would like someone to chat to, you may want to think about having a befriender or becoming a befriender.

Befrienders are usually volunteers who come to your house, take you out or call you over the phone regularly.

If you would like information about a non-profit or voluntary befriending service then please call 0300 303 2500 and ask for Anna Williams who may be able to signpost you to local schemes, or you can email

Please be advised that we are in no way endorsing the services of the companies that we can put you in touch with. 

Watch the video:


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