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Social Media Policy

Swan Social Media Policy for residents / customers

As part of our continuing progress to improve how we communicate and interact with our customers, Swan Housing Association and its subsidiaries; Hera Management Services, Vivo Support and NU living; use social networking as a means to expand on our websites, newsletters and emails to help bridge any gaps between them and as a means to reach a wider audience and improve our communications. Our social media pages are intended as an additional means for us to keep you informed and as a place for you to interact with each other and us.

In order for our use of social networking to succeed and be a pleasant place for everyone to enjoy and find useful, we do ask that you read our policy below and use them to guide you in making the best use of social media.

Failure to do so may lead to the removal of posts and even blocking the offender from participating in these forms of media if persistent.

Social Networking Guidelines for followers / fans of Swan pages

We will monitor these pages and respond where we can during office hours and will offer general sign-posting (direction advice) where appropriate. However please remember that a public forum is not the place to discuss in depth, personal issues, repairs or complaints. In these instances, we recommend you ring us on 0300 303 2500 and speak to the appropriate team.

Please remember that this is a public forum and any posts/comments you make will be visible to others, including residents, staff, Local Authorities and people from the various authorities and organisations who monitor what we do.

In respect of this:

1. Please avoid posting anything that identifies or discusses any individual, especially personal details, including (but not exclusive to):  full names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers or anything that could specifically identify any individual, including staff or residents, or divulge information that could compromise a person's safety and security.

2. Please avoid posting or discussing any confidential or sensitive information.

3. Please do not post anything that could be deemed as offensive, or inappropriate for a public forum including anything: false, misleading, offensive, harassing, bullying, discriminatory, hateful, libellous, profane, abusive, defamatory, or use unnecessary use of foul language. 

4. Please think before you post! Would you like any of the information you are about to post to be posted about you? If in doubt then leave it out and DO NOT POST.

5. Swan Housing Group reserves the right to remove any posts that could be deemed as offensive, hateful, harassing or abusive to their Staff or residents and if continued, reserve the right to block or ban the offender and report them to the appropriate authorities.

If you would like to talk us about this policy then please email

Thank you.


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