Posted 17/12/2020

Countdown to Christmas Tree at Swan House Foyer

Swan House Foyer in Vange is home to young people aged 16-24. Like so many of us, the young people are really struggling with the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, so staff wanted to bring the smiles and laughter back to the foyer.

To help spread a bit of festive cheer and celebrate Christmas, the Foyer staff have created a ‘Countdown to Christmas Tree’ which works like an advent calendar but without the chocolates!

Each day in December a new bauble is turned over to reveal a challenge for the young people to do. So far, the young people have been challenged to: sing a Christmas song to the Foyer staff; complete a quiz; mime their favourite Christmas Movie or to wish a total stranger a Merry Christmas.

The Foyer staff crafted 24 inclusive and activities that everyone could complete in a socially distanced way – they include a Christmas Quiz and an easy Christmas recipe book created by staff.

This activity has been going for just over a week now and it has already created a lot of fun and laughter for residents and everyone who has got involved.