Posted 07/04/2020

Rubbish - Now You See It, Now You Don't!

As so many more people are at home all the time, due to Government restrictions - with the warmer weather here, many residents are using this time to settle further into their new home, unpacking those boxes that they hadn't got around to; purchasing items online for home delivery and generally spending more time at home generating waste that would previously have been disposed of at work, college, or taken to a local tip etc. All this amounts to 30% more waste left out for collections at the current time.

This, along with recent challenges faced by the Borough including the vandalising of 40  cleaning vehicles and all services having to work within the restrictions put in place by the Government, things haven't gone quite as smoothly with our rubbish collections as we could have wished for at Blackwall Reach.

But there is good news - the Borough's cleansing teams are back up to speed and getting on top of the issues again.  We were delighted that Swan's Estate Services team, who are still working safely within the current Government guidelines - were able to lend a hand yesterday, to remove the uncollected rubbish and clean and sanitise Blackwall Reach, following understandable concerns from residents regarding overflowing bins.

We'd like to reassure all residents that this situation was the result of an extraordinary set of circumstances as outlined above.  The underground bins at Blackwall Reach and at The Paragon, Ilford, may look small from the outside, but their underground capacity holds a full 6000 litre capacity of recycled and other waste collections.

However, we all need to work together to keep this unpleasant issue at bay, particularly as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions continue to keep many more of us at home.

Please do your bit in your community by breaking down your rubbish before disposing in the bins provided, not leaving bulk rubbish on the streets, holding onto non-essential waste items at the moment (boxes etc), until such time as services resume and finally, please do not leave bulk waste on balconies that can present a fire risk. If we all do our bit, the current situation with rubbish overflowing will ease for us all.

Thank you.