Posted 03/07/2020

Swan And Axis Continue Excellent Gas Safety Partnership Working In Lockdown

As a responsible landlord, Swan has continued to carry out Gas Safety Inspections throughout lockdown wherever possible; safety inspections are carried out by Engineers who work for Swan's repairs partner Axis. Throughout lockdown the Engineers have continued to deliver these essential safety inspections whilst observing strict hygiene and social distancing protocols.

On one inspection, at a home in one of Swan's Schemes occupied by a family with a young baby, the boiler failed the safety inspection. It was immediately decommissioned and assessed as 'Beyond Economical Repair'. This inspection took place on a Friday so, the Gas Supervisor was booked to attend the property as soon as possible after the intervening weekend.

Swan's Scheme Manager, Sharon Crossingham, contacted Axis to make them aware of the urgency of the situation as the family are doctors working at the local hospital. She wanted to ensure the repair was dealt with as quickly as possible in order to minimise the disruption.

Axis's Gas Supervisor visited the property after the weekend and arranged for scaffolding to be erected the following day so that the boiler could be replaced. The new boiler was installed on Wednesday, just three working days after the old boiler was decommissioned.

In the meantime, to minimise disruption to the family, Swan's Team arranged for them to have access to some of the short stay accommodation available on the site so that they had access to a shower and hot water whilst waiting for the repairs.

Pete Morely-Watts, Swan's Interim Executive Director of Operations and Business Excellence said "Swan's teams have worked hard throughout the current pandemic to provide the best possible service to their residents. Replacing a boiler in just five days is just one example of the strong partnership we have with Axis. It also demonstrates how our teams have continually gone above and beyond to minimise disruption to residents who have needed emergency repairs in their homes at this time."

Tim Hayes, Managing Director, Axis said "We'll always do our best to keep residents in a Swan property safe and comfortable" commented Tim Hayes, Axis MD. "The fact that the couple were Doctors, doing amazing work for everyone during the Coronavirus, just makes the team's efforts on this occasion even more rewarding and something to be proud of - well done to everyone involved."