Posted 08/04/2021

Celebrating Jodie's Success

Our Foyers go beyond meeting housing needs, they also make a difference to the lives of young people, such as through supporting Foyer residents to enter employment.

Jodie has recently secured a role as a lollypop person, being offered the position on the very same day as her interview. The job is a perfect fit for her childcare situation, as it enables her to balance her working hours with spending quality time with Noah.

She is proud to be the first lollypop person to patrol the road outside the local school that she has been stationed, which had previously been the site of a number of accidents. Jodie has found the job carries greater importance than she had originally expected, with reporting safeguarding issues and bullying also part of the remit. She is particularly fond of the lolly pop attire – including the big yellow hat – although Noah is less keen on his mum’s new fashion sense.

In securing employment, Jodie has also been a source of inspiration for her friendship group, with one of her friends applying for a position in the wake of her news.

Jodie is hoping to continue her career progression. She has a safeguarding course on the horizon and has ambitions of one day making the step to becoming a trainer.

To find out more about how our Foyers support young people, you can read more here.