Posted 03/02/2021

Environmental Advantages of the Better Queensway Regeneration Project

Porters Place Southend-on-Sea Limited Liability Partnership are committed to contributing to a greener Southend-on-Sea. The green and environmental benefits included in plans for the Better Queensway (BQ) redevelopment project include proposals outlining how the £4.2million Government’s Get Building Fund (GBF) that has been received for the project, will be spent.

The funding has been allocated to the BQ project through the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP). It is part of a £30 million allocation of funding that has been granted to 14 projects in Essex, for Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock from GBF.

BQ’s grant funding will help to contribute to significant long-term investment in the environmental and sustainable aspects of the project. Subject to planning permission, the Better Queensway redevelopment will deliver:

• Upgrades to the local electricity networks so they meet new government guidelines on energy use in new homes and electric vehicle charging -helping to deliver improvements for the provision of electric vehicle charging in the local area.

• The use of heat pumps. Heat pumps are an efficient alternative energy source that will reduce the overall carbon footprint of the regenerated estate being highly efficient systems used to generate heat for buildings.

• A sustainable urban drainage system that will help to alleviate the flood risk to Southend-on-Sea seafront, supporting local businesses and tourism. This will include rain gardens and green public spaces. All homes in the proposed development will benefit from a private outdoor space.

• A boost to the local cycling and pedestrian network.

• The Better Queensway redevelopment will deliver up to 1,760 new homes, up to 10,000sq m of new flexible commercial space and enhance the public space for residents and businesses locally.

Geoff Pearce, Chair of the Porters Place Southend-on-Sea LLP Board and Deputy Chief Executive of Swan Housing Association said: “We are committed to ensuring that the Better Queensway redevelopment project contributes to a greener Southend-on-Sea. We want to ensure the infrastructure upgrades provide long-lasting environmental benefits for the local community. We’re confident that the combination of all of the different elements that have been proposed collectively deliver a scheme that helps the Borough’s wider response to the climate emergency”.