Posted 11/06/2021

Foyers Success Story

Three of our Dovecott House customers have successfully applied for Hear Me Out! talent bonds.

Hear Me Out! is a fund for young people with a project, programme, enterprise or other idea that will promote their talents, grow their strengths or develop a skill.

Three residents from Dove Cott House – our Foyer which provides supported accommodation for pregnant young women and single parents with young children – have had a combined total of £580 worth of talent bonds accepted to help bring their ideas to life.

Ella’s* talent bond will enable her to purchase a guitar to practise and play in order to develop a keen skill. She is also hopeful of taking some lessons in the future.

Sharnie purchased a laptop and bag, which she will use to continue with her virtual college courses and to aid her in her housing application regarding her move on. Prior to investing in a laptop Sharnie had been using her mobile phone, which could sometimes prove difficult, or borrowing the resident laptops, which she could never guarantee to have access to for the period she required.

Sharnie is really excited about her new purchase, and her laptop will provide her with the freedom to access what she needs whenever she wants.

The third talent bond was received by Sharna, and this has allowed her to buy a selection of bakery books so that she can improve her baking skills. She is already planning to use the books to create her son’s next birthday cake.

Word spread quickly around the Foyer following these three success stories, and we have high hopes for more talent bond applications from our residents next time around!


*name changed to protect identity