Posted 25/05/2021

Maximising Our Talent

Meet Jess Taha, newly appointed Head of Talent here at Swan. We’re focusing on our talent. With opportunities to grow our teams and develop the shining stars, hear from Jess on how we’re looking to embrace one of the aims in our new corporate strategy.

"My position is really all about building a talent strategy fit for these strange times that enables Swan Housing to find the good eggs and nurture them until they are ready to fly the nest. The job is focused on ensuring Swan recruits, develops and retains individuals that deliver brilliant customer care and great places to call home. It’s really that simple!

"Helping our employees to soar, the Head of Talent role is designed to help our people identify where they want to go and establish a clear flight path for them. We will do this by establishing development pathways for our core roles and creating a coaching program where our top talent can access help to overcome challenges or further enhance their skills. My job is to remove barriers so that everyone at Swan can reach their full potential and hopefully have some fun along the way too.

"Another big focus area is in further developing our employer brand to ensure Swan is as an employer of choice within the local recruitment market. With Swans fantastic Talent Acquisition Officer by my side, we intend to further develop our relationships with local recruitment partners and establish more diverse routes into the Company.

"Aligning with the Maximise our Talent corporate aim we will also further develop Swans employee inclusion strategy. To ensure we best reflect the communities in which we serve, further work will be on ensuring that those that sit within minority groups feel they can apply to work at Swan and develop their career with us. We’ve already done some fantastic work in this space and I’m excited to be working on this with Anna Williams, Divisively & Inclusion Manager to achieve this."

If joining the team here at Swan is something that excites you, find our current list of vacancies over this way.