Posted 05/03/2021

National Careers Week 2021

As a child, a huge question was always pinned upon us – “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Was it an astronaut one week and a singer the next? Or have you always had your heart set on one single (sensible) career path?

This National Careers Week we’ve taken a trip down memory lane with some of the Communications team. Have a peek and reminisce about what is was you wanted to be when you grew up!

Charlotte Treadwell - Communications Manager

My career hero when I was young was a vet! I’ve always adored animals since I was little and wanted to provide some real care in the future. But growing up, and as the years of education passed me by, my love for words also became a passion and so I ventured into the world of journalism and eventually switched to the ‘dark side’ (as most told me) of PR. If only I’d taken a look at the toddler back then (see photo of me as baby holding a newspaper) should I have known that the media was waiting for me. 

Jo March - Communications Manager

When I was still at primary school I wanted to be a journalist because I love writing factual stories. At 15 I did work experience at the Evening Echo newspaper in Basildon and enjoyed it so much I asked if I could do another two weeks during my school holidays!

At university in the late 1990’s I started to reconsider and decided I preferred the idea of working in marketing or PR (I didn’t really understand the difference at the time). I changed my mind about being a news journalist because I didn’t want to doorstep or cold call people for their stories (pre-social media, things have changed a lot now).

I sometimes refer to my job as a corporate journalist – not that different to what I wanted to do!

Laura Harrison – Communications Manager

I loved to play ‘dress up’ as a child and my Grandma, who minded me when my mum was at work, still reminds me of how I used to make her play shops, doctors, libraries and schools - always taking the lead role whether it be shop keeper or teacher. (Sorry, Nanny!)

Up until my final year of university I wanted to be a teacher, but I changed my mind when I undertook a creative writing course that started my journey towards working in communications - a career that I love!

Now, I am dreaming of my next career - given that women my age are likely to have at least seven changes, according to research! Maybe I will fulfil my other secret dream to be a make-up artist…or even get to do some teaching!

Georgia Cassidy – Digital Content Manager

As a young and naïve dreamer there are more than a handful of roles I’ve said I would be when I grew up!

Bold and confident, I’d once stated I would be an actress or performer. Que many performances my poor mum had to watch of my sister and I over and over AND OVER again! 

I was adamant that I would never work in an office…

With a passion for animals, I wanted to be a vet, volunteering at an animal sanctuary on weekends. Fast forward a few years to 2 weeks work experience at a local veterinary practice, reality told me I wasn’t sure if a constant stream of poorly animals was for me!

At one point I was looking at becoming a Midwife, soon put off by the fact that babies arrive when they want to, so a day time working routine would be out of the window. For a girl who loves her sleep, it would never have been a match made in heaven.

Not sure I’ve quite ‘grown up’ yet, who knows what the next fantasy will be!

Amber Sommerville – Graphic Designer

A lolly pop lady! No, not the one that stands in the middle of the road, safely guiding people across it, the one who owns, drives and serves in an ice cream truck! Turns out everyone just forgot to correct me on the job title...

My love for all things sweet started young so having an ice cream truck sounded like a dream!

One of my goals is to own a dessert truck and shop, so maybe there is still time to make that childhood dream come true!

Hillary Philpott – Head of Communications

Having always loved painting and theatres, I really wanted to be a theatre set designer – but it wasn’t a ‘normal’ role for a young woman at that time and, having grown up in rural Suffolk, my school careers adviser suggested that this would not be a good career choice and that I should go to work in a bank! 

So I moved to London at the earliest opportunity and worked in a bank in Holborn for 6 months and during this time I signed up with the London College of Fashion (now Uni of the Arts) to study ‘Dance Costume and Tailoring’ design - and promptly left the bank.  

From there, I had several magical years working in theatrical and dance costume design and production, then moved into creating costumes for film premieres such as Portrait Of A Lady and The Borrowers and then some music videos. In fact, dressing Duran Duran was a highlight in the 1980’s … and that seems like a very long time ago now.  

This led me into high profile events and of course, I then specialised in Public Relations - where I found my niche and more learning – I’ve always loved working in a creative industry that makes a positive difference.