Posted 26/10/2021

Swan celebrates long history with conversation, collaboration and cake

Swan staff and customers went ‘Back to the Future’ with an afternoon of conversation, collaboration and cake at a special afternoon tea event at The Beech Community Centre, Basildon, on Friday 15 October, hosted to celebrate Swan’s relationship with its long-term residents of more than 15 years.

The event was not only a celebration but aimed at finding out about residents’ experience with Swan, how they feel it has evolved over the years, and what can be done to deliver even better customer service and great places to call home.

Swan’s longest customers, one of 27 years, were warmly welcomed by Chief Executive, John Synnuck, who formed Swan in 1994, and Executive Director of Customer Experience, Pete Morley-Watts, who emphasized Swan’s commitment to its residents.

After a series of friendly ice-breakers, Swan customers were asked about their views of Swan, given an opportunity to talk about their experience on camera for a commemorative video that is being made, and invited to complete a postcard, sharing one thing they would change about their experience.

As well as enjoying an afternoon tea of sandwiches, pastries, cakes, and scones, and as much tea or coffee as they could drink, customers were entertained by a magician who left everyone astounded with his unbelievable tricks.

Chief Executive Officer for Swan, John Synnuck, said: “I’d like to thank all those customers who took time out of their day to attend these special celebrations, and for their feedback on what works well for them in their homes and communities, as well as the areas they feel we could do better.

“Their input will be invaluable as we look to develop the relationships we have with our customers going forward, in a way that works for them.”

A similar event was also hosted for long-serving staff at Swan, with their feedback also being used to shape future ways of working, including how to deliver improved customer service.