Posted 21/12/2021

Swan HA Board and Executive Update

The Board of Swan Housing Association Limited (including Swan Housing Capital plc) is appointing two new Board co-optees to the main Swan Group board:

  • Matthew Bailes Chief Executive, Paradigm Housing Group
  • Paul Phillips, until recently Chief Financial Officer at Notting Hill Genesis

and confirmed the resignations of the Vice Chair of the Board, Peter Baynham and the Group Board Member Steve Akeju, who chaired Swan’s Development Committee.

Swan HA also confirmed that its Chief Executive John Synnuck, who is due to retire at the end of the financial year, is unwell and temporarily away from the office. We can therefore announce the appointment of Susan Hickey, former Chief Finance Officer at Peabody Trust, as Acting Chief Executive Officer until further notice.

Pat Billingham, Chair Swan Housing, commented: “I am pleased to announce these new Board appointments which bring heavyweight sector experience in both Development and Finance to the Swan Board.

"The appointment of Susan Hickey, as Acting Chief Executive Officer, will ensure that the Swan team have strong leadership in place to support the continued delivery of services to Swan’s customers and stakeholders."