Posted 19/08/2022

Belonging at Swan: Alex's Story

Our vision is for Swan to be a truly inclusive workplace that enables individuals to be the best possible versions of themselves and feel at home at Swan. People perform better when they can be themselves and nobody should have to hide who they are. To help us achieve this vision we have a number of employee network groups - SwanTogether, SwanNation, SwanProud and Inspiring Swans. With assistance from these groups, we will be sharing stories from across the organisation to learn more about our fantastically diverse Swan people.

This week, we spoke to Communications Manager, Alex Ellis, about how Swan supports him to balance being a parent of two young boys with working full time.

Alex told us:

“Swan helps make the balance easier between being a dad and working by allowing me to be flexible. I go into the office once or twice a week, I visit sites and developments that I’m running the comms on, and I’m doing all that whilst being a father as well. Without the flexibility and the trust that Swan has given me, it wouldn’t be possible to do both.”