Posted 10/06/2022

Customer’s friend thanks Swan Care team

From encouraging independence to providing end-of-life care, Swan’s dedicated Care and Support team tailors the service they provide to every customer to meet their specific care needs. The following case study highlights how this approach can make a real difference to the lives of our customers.

When George first came into the care of Swan in early May he was struggling to manage his medication, was unable to dress, undress or wash himself as well as keep his home clean and tidy.

The Swan care team began to work with George and less than a month later the improvement in George’s situation is vast. In fact, there has been such an improvement his friend Terry, who he has known since 1977, felt compelled to write a letter of thanks to show his appreciation.

He said George didn’t bath or wash for three years but Swan has supported him with a full body and hair wash, household chores and has gone above and beyond to encourage him.

Deputy manager and Adult Safeguarding Lead, Abigail Powell, said: “I was on the phone for 20 minutes with Terry and he was honestly over the moon with the care Swan has provided.

“He said Swan are the best in the scheme and he cannot thank the team enough for the support they have provided. It was very heart-warming to have that conversation and it actually made me well up. We know how amazing the team are but hearing the difference they have made is truly incredible.”