Posted 13/05/2022

Customer thanks Swan Care team from ‘bottom of her heart’

Swan’s dedicated Care and Support team tailors the service they provide to every customer to meet their specific care needs, from encouraging independence to providing end-of-life care. The following case study demonstrates how this approach can make a difference to the lives of our customers.

When Stella broke her wrist at the end of last year, she didn’t know how she was going to care for her husband. After being referred to Swan Care North then onto its plaster of paris (POP) pathway things started to look up.

She received daily help from the team including with personal care, dressing and undressing, meal and drink preparation and assistance with medication.

Stella said:

“Every single one of them was brilliant and I want you to know what a great team you have. They came into my house like a breath of fresh air, bringing with them their good cheer. They put me at ease with their professionalism, their ability to communicate and the kindness shown to me.

Stella says she loves each and every member of the team as they are “truly committed” to the job and thanked them from the “bottom of her heart”.

Having regained her confidence after a six-week recovery period, Stella is able to go about her life again but says her husband never would have coped on his own for that long. She added that he also enjoyed the twice daily visits.

Registered Care Services Manager, Melissa Garrod, added:

“When Stella started her journey with Swan, she scored herself 40% on how she manages daily, when she left on the 23 April, she scored herself 100%, which is a major achievement for Swan and for her.

“On departing from our services, we asked two questions, the first being how she rated our services. Stella scored us very good – the highest possible score. The second question is how likely she was to recommend our services on a scale of 0/10 (10 being the highest) and again Stella scored Swan 10/10, which is amazing.”