Posted 11/11/2022

Reducing your energy costs safely

There are lots of energy saving tips online right now. Reputable websites such as and give out safe and helpful advice. But wrong information is on social media and can actually be unsafe. Please read and follow our safety advice below:

Running large appliances (such as your dishwasher, washing machine and tumbler dryer) outside of a peak pricing structure, can save you pounds. But electrical appliances should never be left running while you are asleep as this is a fire risk.

Heated clothes dryers are a great alternative to tumble dryers, however, always ensure you purchase these from a reputable supplier. Check that the appliance is CE marked.

Never use electrical wall heaters or convection heaters for drying clothes as they can overheat and cause the clothing to catch on fire. If you’re drying clothes inside, always ventilate your home well to prevent condensation and mould growth.

Avoid the use of candles to light your home and choose battery operated or solar powered lights instead.

Log burners or chimineas should not be used inside your home. Burning charcoal or wood inside, without proper ventilation can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Contained gases, such as Calor gas, should never be used for heating purposes as leaks on the bottles can make you ill and may also create an explosive atmosphere in your home.

Never use tea lights, to create a homemade heater (as seen on some social media websites).

Make sure you have a working fire alarm inside your home.