Posted 06/05/2022

Swan supports customers facing hardship with supermarket vouchers

Swan recognises that many of our customers may be facing financial difficulty due to the rising cost of living. To help relieve some of the pressure caused by price rises on food and fuel, Swan’s Welfare Benefits team has been supporting customers with supermarket vouchers funded by Tower Hamlets Council.

The initiative from the Tackling Poverty team at Tower Hamlets Council aims to support those facing financial hardship to buy food and warm clothes, with vouchers for both Tesco and Asda.

In total, Swan has been awarded £10,000 worth of vouchers to give out to customers living in Tower Hamlets, prioritising single people facing financial hardship, those receiving State Pension and Pension Credit and households with young children under school age. Referrals are also being taken from Swan’s Income team and Neighbourhood Officers.

To date, Swan has awarded £3,950 in vouchers to customers, with 79, worth £50 each, allocated so far.

Swan’s Welfare Benefits team has been visiting customers in their homes to hand out the vouchers, some who have had to previously rely on food banks. Many customers commented on how much of a difference they will make and how it will help them to reduce debts.

A customer living at Napier House said: “I have a heating debt and am now working a part-time job, but a £50 supermarket gift card would allow me to prioritise my debt. Swan’s Welfare Benefits team has always been quite helpful, and I appreciate it greatly. I'm overjoyed and grateful for their continued support.”

Another customer living in Napier House commented: “I have a heating debt and I am currently working a part-time job, and I am barely scraping by financially. This would be quite beneficial because I owe money for heating and hot water.”

The vouchers have also been greatly received by customers living in Priestman Point, with one commenting: “This is a game changer. Recently, I've been having a lot of difficulties. I was relying on the food bank for assistance, which was occasionally insufficient. For a long time, I haven't had a great supper. Now that I have the voucher, I can go out and buy something I want. I'm quite appreciative to Swan’s Welfare Benefits team for all of their assistance.”

“I'm overjoyed to have received this gift certificate. I've recently been battling high household expenditures and heating costs,” said another.

Swan’s Welfare Benefits team is continuing to identify customers living in Tower Hamlets who meet the eligibility criteria.