Posted 27/10/2022

Swan trials lone working safety devices to protect staff

New lone working safety devices are currently being trialled to further protect staff who work alone.

The My SOS devices are being trialled for a three to four-week period and will give lone working staff added protection when confronted by unacceptable and challenging behaviour by our customers or members of the public.

Neighbourhood Officer, Chloe Blackburn, said: “I’m really pleased to have received the MySOS device. Swan really cares about its staff and this will help me feel safer in my role as a neighbourhoods officer.”

The small device is worn on a lanyard or on a belt and if the emergency ‘SOS’ button is pressed a 24/7 designated call centre, operated by People Safe, will check on the staff member’s safety status. If necessary, they will then escalate the emergency to the relevant Swan manager or emergency services.

The device enables a two-way conversation with the call centre, who are all trained and accredited in emergency response. It also tracks the exact location of the device so responders can find those in need quickly and effectively.