Posted 07/09/2022

Swan's Welfare Benefits team support customer struggling with rent arrears

Swan’s Welfare Benefits team provide support to customers to help them understand the benefits system. The advice and assistance they offer is specific to customers’ circumstances and includes help to apply for benefits, manage their budget, or dealing with debt.

The following case study shows how this dedicated support service makes a difference to our customers.

Our Welfare Benefits team was contacted by the mother of Tenant F. She was really concerned about her daughter, Miss F, who has a mental health condition, as she had stopped receiving benefits and her rent was in significant arrears. Miss F had to stop work due to her mental health and she had left her property to move in with her mum because she could not cope living alone in her flat. She was also sectioned under the Mental Health Act for several months before she was referred to our Welfare Benefits team for support.

One of our Welfare Benefits Officers contacted her support worker to find out how to assist Miss F to maximise her income. Having reviewed her benefits and rent account, they discovered that her Universal Credit account had been closed because Miss F was unable to manage her account by herself.

Our Welfare Benefits Officer took over this case from the support workers and successfully got Miss F’s Universal Credit reinstated. They also applied for ‘Limited Capability’ benefit on her behalf, and she was awarded an extra £343.63 per month in addition to her Universal Credit entitlement. They also got her Discretionary Housing Payments of £2,711.88 to clear the rent arrears she accrued while her Universal Credit was cancelled.

Most people will face a financial difficulty at some point, and we are here to support you in finding a solution. If you need assistance, contact our Welfare Benefits team on 0300 3030 2500 or email – we’re here to help!