Posted 20/04/2023

Regulator of Social Housing tenant satisfaction measures

The Government Body that regulates all housing providers, including Swan, has introduced a set of measures which will help customers compare the performance of their landlord in key areas of service. These measures include asking customers about the home they live in and the service they receive. Swan will then use this information to improve the services we offer and our overall results will be shared on our feedback site Count Me In, which you can find here.

We launched the first wave of the survey on Wednesday 12 April 2023. We're working with Marketing Means, a market research company who will conduct telephone interviews on our behalf. The interviews will run for around three weeks and we expect around 300 customers will have the opportunity to give their feedback during this wave.    

Why have I been asked to take part in this survey? 

We're randomly selecting 300 customers from across London and Essex to take part in this survey. If you're selected Marketing Means will call you and ask for your consent. Only once you've confirmed you're happy to take part will they then ask you any questions. 

Will I be identified from the survey? 

At the end of the survey customers will be given the opportunity to choose if they would like to share their name with Swan or would prefer to remain anonymous. 

Can I opt out of receiving surveys? 

Yes, you can. Your feedback is really important and will help us to create improvements. However, if you would rather not participate, that’s fine too. 

How do I know the person calling me is genuine? 

If you want to make sure the call is genuine you can arrange for the person to call you back and contact us on 0300 303 2500. You'll never be asked to provide personal information such as bank details.