Posted 27/01/2023

Swan foyer helps Kayleigh gain confidence and tackle loneliness

We recently spent some time talking to young people who live at our foyers to hear their stories and find out more about the difference this service makes to them.

Swan foyers provide a safe, caring place for young people aged 16-25 years of age who need supported housing to live, learn and make the transition to independent adulthood.

Kayleigh has lived at Swan House Foyer since December 2021. She provides daily care for her younger sister:

When I moved into the foyer my life had hit a real low point. I often felt isolated and totally alone. A lot has changed since I’ve lived here because I’ve made lots of new friends, I expect some of them will be friends for life. We enjoy spending time together in the communal chill room where we have fun watching things like Love Island or I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, it’s great and I am not lonely anymore.

Having a safe home of my own, somewhere I can lock the door behind me, is really important to me. I have found this at Swan House Foyer, there are key fobs and CCTV, I feel really safe here.

Everyone who lives here has a support worker. Maxine is my support worker and she is truly amazing. She never tells me what to do, she listens and helps me to make my own decisions.

I provide daily care for my younger sister and receive Universal Credit as well as Carers Allowance. When I first moved into the foyer I was really worried about juggling bills and making ends meet. Money is tight but I’ve had lots of support with budgeting.

When I worked on my budget with Maxine, she noticed that my payments were incorrect. I know that it is her job, but it felt like so much more than that, she really stood up for me and provided so much help. She worked tirelessly and made endless calls on my behalf. Just before Christmas I finally received news that I was due a back payment and my monthly payments have been corrected. Maxine has now helped me to make a formal complaint.

Fighting the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to make sure I receive everything I am entitled to was the hardest thing I’ve done, I couldn’t have done it without Maxine’s support. It was such a relief to win and although I struggle to understand why I’ve been put through it I am relieved it is over.

I’m now looking to a positive future. I want to join the Police Force so that I can make a difference to others and give something back to society. Maxine is working to support me with this dream, she’s helped to organise mock interviews so that I have practise and I am now making progress towards my goal.

I plan to join the specials first and I want to progress to become a full Police Constable. I don’t think I could have achieved all this if I wasn’t living at the foyer receiving all the support I get.

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