Posted 08/02/2023

Swan has joined Sanctuary as a subsidiary

Swan has joined Sanctuary as a subsidiary following the formal completion of the business combination proposal approved by the Boards of both organisations in November last year.

Sanctuary’s strong financial position as one of the UK’s leading housing and care providers brings stability to Swan and safeguards Swan’s services to its residents and communities.

Swan will continue as a standalone operation while future integration plans are discussed.

Craig Moule, Group Chief Executive of Sanctuary, said: “As one of the largest providers of social housing in the country, Sanctuary is financially strong, well-run and has the experienced team in place to help Swan manage its challenges.

“We are committed to securing the strength of the sector, ensuring affordable housing continues to be accessible in communities across the country.”

Now Swan is part of Sanctuary, Dave Soothill - previously Sanctuary’s Development Director in England - will assume responsibility for Swan as its Managing Director. This enables Susan Hickey Swan’s Chief Executive, to leave the organisation having successfully completed the transaction.

 Craig Moule added: “Susan has worked diligently to secure Swan’s future. I’d like to extend my thanks to Susan for her hard work and commitment to Swan’s residents and employees.”

With Swan as a subsidiary, Sanctuary now manages 116,000 homes across England and Scotland.

Swan customers can find out more here Swan is now a subsidiary of Sanctuary | Swan Housing Association