Posted 03/02/2023

The Reach gets community mural makeover

The Reach Community Hub has been decorated with murals of the local community and Swan staff.

The artwork by Ash Fields from Our Tiny Windows is part of a wider revamp to spruce up the popular facility in Blackwall Reach.

The mural was completed at the end of last year. In January, The Reach benefited from a deep clean and repainting of the inside walls, door frames and skirting completing the makeover of the hub.

Farhad Ahmed, Swan Community Hubs Officer, said: “I love the Mural. Not only does it brighten up the space but the art piece itself is amazing. 

“What makes it unique and meaningful is that we used real members of the community. When looking at it, for me it illustrates community spirit and togetherness.”

Ten-year-old Mahfuz, who features on the artwork, said: “I think my photo being on The Reach hub is fantastic because it is really colourful and looks really cool. I also think it is really good because my picture is in a place where all my friends could see. We could also see it from our school.”

Swan customer, Suraiya Akthar, also has her image on the mural. She added: “I think it looks amazing, a great addition to the neighbourhood. I feel very proud of it, seeing everyone’s faces up there. Thank you Swan for celebrating the community through this mural.”