Get Involved

Customers at the core

Giving us your feedback and making a difference to your services is being made as simple as possible. Our Corporate Strategy has been refreshed to put our customers at the heart of how we deliver our services. We’re focusing on how we can listen to you more - so that your views shape how we do things.

There are lots of new, easy ways that you can get involved!

They won’t take up lots of your time, can be tailored to suit you and will provide the best opportunity for your voice to be heard. Your voice is very important and will make a difference to everyone who receives a service from us. 

Tell us how you feel

The options are below are quick, less formal ways to share your views.   

Proactive Customer Involvement – listening to our customer voice and then focusing in on issues before they become a problem or a complaint. Give us your views and help us get it right.

Touchpoint surveys
Answer two or three short questions via text message, our website or social media channels.

Satisfaction surveys 
Take part in more detailed questionnaires to help us make sure we’re putting our customers’ needs first.

Virtual Customer Associations
Join one of our Customer Associations and attend meetings online, from the comfort of your home.

Estate champions and inspectors 
Customers who are willing to engage and feedback about our estates, with digital options available.

Help us to get it right

There are also more formal ways that you can get involved.

Help us get it right panel (HUG) 
Join our new formal Customer Involvement panel that will feed into our Service Improvement Group and Customer Committee - we will set up special groups to put what you tell us into action. 

Task and finish groups 
Join one of the groups (mentioned above) to focus on specific areas of work that you are most interested in.

Focus groups
Take part in occasional focus groups to help us shape our services.

Complaints subgroup
Sign up to review our complaints process.

Customer communications leads
Help us communicate better with our customers by getting the tone, language and format right.

Want to find out more or sign up? Contact the customer involvement team on or 01277 844242.